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Butterflymodels Archives

Hi folks. Before I start, thanks for the countless emails regarding joining us. However, we are no longer looking for Butterflymodels to represent the company. We were never an agency, we were simply a company that worked with some of the most curvaceous models in the UK at the time to promote sexy, beautiful urban glamour. Below are samples of just some of the work we were involved in.




We didn’t rest, we were always striving to be on top of our game at Butterfly Models, hence we were looking for three candidates for 2011 to fly the flag for full-figured models everywhere. We didn’t care if you were Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Purple – we were looking for three sexy females with curves to join the team for 2011.

We gave you Kerry, Kirstie, Knique, Miss C, Miss Platinum, Mizz Kayzee, Rozina and Vicky Vixxen in 2009. We still love them and will always support them, but in 2010 it’s another wave of succulent beauty and booty that will be the vanguard of UK urban glamour. With Chantal, Amazin Grace, Jahreen The Dream, Natasha, Vanessa Bee and Veronica Valentine on our line-up we feel we have the UK all-stars. Expect to see more of them and the original Butterfly 8 for 2010.

Butterflymodels – The Black Shoot from Butterfly Models on Vimeo.

With noted photographer Simon Harvey, we assembled most of the Butterfly Models to an apartment in Central London where we embarked on something most men and some women dream about – a lingerie shoot with the Butterfly Models. This video was booted off youtube before I could even type a description so, we are using the trustworthy Vimeo. Starring Chantal, Amazin Grace, Jahreen The Dream, Kirstie Narni, Knique, Natasha, Rozina Zira, Shereece, Vanessa Bee and Vicky Vixxen – we managed to group some of the finest UK urban models and made history. Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did filming it.

We decided to give a section of fans who have been hollering for us to host an event to pay them a surprise visit. Based in South London (West Croydon), we went to Direct Image barbers just before closing with Jahreen the Dream, Amazing Grace and the lovely Shereece. Needless to say they were meet with a warm reception with both punters and staff happy to see them finally in the flesh. Whilst there, the owner of another local barbershop happened to see the excitement and asked us to represent in his shop. We obliged and the result was too hyped for us to manufacture. Appreciation from the fans is something we don’t take for granted and it was a special night as the video shows…

Butterfly Models was set up to showcase the most curvaceous, sexy and stunning urban glamour models in the UK and over the past two years we have achieved our goal. From the Butterfly 8 with Knique, Kerry, Kirstie, Miss C, Miss Platinum, Mizz Kayzee, Rozina and Vicks we found an elite band of models that showed the UK that we do have models with curves. Butterfly Models 2010 has Chantal, Grace, Jahreen, Natasha, Shereece and Vanessa Bee in the mix and continued the theme that we started. We are always looking for more. Can you be the next Butterfly Model?

Representing London and the UK, allow me to showcase the fine Butterflymodels. Filmed nearly two years ago but our concept is still the same. To bring a light onto the curvaceous ladies that exist amongst us and don’t get the love and recognition they deserve.

After making a surprise visit at the Barbershop, the owner asked us to come back and use the location as a video shoot. We humbly obliged, bringing Amazin Grace, Kerry, Knique, Shereece and Vanessa Bee to take some pictures and make a video. However, this acted as a backdrop for the models to show some love to one another in the camp. It was just a nice change to see models who are stereotypically meant to be bitching against each other actually showing some appreciation and acknowledging the strengths each one possesses. As a videographer, it made me smile to see the unity and proud to be part of such a beautiful and sexy collective. Pictures were taken by Slimz from Mas photography which will be shown on the website.

The website has finally dropped, previewing eight of the models that we have been working with for the past couple of months. Mizz Kayzee, Kerry, Ms Platinum, Knique, Rozina, Kirstie, Miss C and Vicks are the ladies that have shone whilst we have been at the studio and we believe they can go all the way. With more curves than a David Beckham free kick, these ladies are the frontline to what the UK has to offer regarding voluptuous women in the modelling circuit. Music by Dotstar

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