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Shereece in Flat 11

12th June 2015

Flat 11 is part of a trilogy featuring other models I’ve worked with, but I had to make Shereece my first release. Although no longer modelling, she is still one of the finest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I always state that I have a secret crush on her. I’m convinced if she was in the US, she would have blown up every front cover and it’s a crime she hasn’t claimed dominance in the UK, but nevertheless, for those that feel I’m hyping here too much, just watch this video. Got mad love for her since she’s a real sweetheart and I hope that although she’s hung up her modelling shoes, I can still work with her again.

Instagram: @I_am_Shereece
Twitter: @Shereece_Arnold

I don’t own the rights to the music featured

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