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Boob Clash preview with Kirstie Narni

1st December 2012

I had the pleasure of following Kirstie Narni to Hit Zol’s event, Boob Clash, in a very nice venue in Harrow of all places. As we entered and chilled out upstairs in the nice restuarant area, Kirstie and fellow Narni shaker, Barbie had a very nice and entertaining discussion about Boobs. Unfortunately, I was trying out a new camera and forgot to bring a microphone with me, so apologies for the sound. Whilst that was taking place, we had a stalker that seemed to be obsessed with Kirstie’s cleavage and maxed out his phone memory be taking pictures at every opportunity. As the night went on, we were joined by the beautiful DJ Charlotte Devaney who spun the decks as the ladies performed various dances, much to the delight of the crowd.


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