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Urban Model Awards 2012 – NV Dreamgirl for 2013

19th January 2012

Whilst Butterflymodels attended the 3rd Annual Urban Model Award Show, we bumped into a crowd stopper model by the name of NV Dreamgirl. From the Straight Stuntin magazine, this booty, I mean, beauty nearly caused a riot on the red carpet with photographers and videographers alike scrambling to get a shot. The fact that I had trouble fitting her body frame into shot because I didn’t have enough room to stand back shows the impact NV Dreamgirl has in this outfit. So much so that DJ Kay Slay had to bring her onto the stage in case anyone missed her. My tip for Best Asset Nominee 2013 but we shall wait and see…

Go to our other account to see more footage of NV Dreamgirl and other models from the Urban Model Award Show 2013.

NV Dreamgirl Twitter: @N_V_Dreamgirl

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