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RDX London Concert

4th January 2015

On 17th of November 2013, one of the most charismatic and popular Dancehall/Reggae duo, RDX, performed in a live concert in The Coronet, Elephant and Castle London.
This will be the first ever musical performance by RDX anywhere in the UK, since RDX members deejay Renegade (Carlton Williams) and Singer Delomar (Andre Bedward) exploded into fame as a musical duo.
The concert has been tagged “RDX LONDON INVASION CONCERT” by the promoters. According to the promoters’ spokesman, he said that “this will be the hottest and most entertaining dancehall/Reggae concert in town, as RDX have never visited the United Kingdom as a musical group before.”
See for yourself in this footage captured by @TJVidz for @Butterflymodels

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