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MODEL 10 – Top Ten videos of 2016

8th January 2017


This is a summary of our top ten model videos of 2016. Exempt from the list are videos from SHOW and The Cake Magazine because due to the amount of content, they deserve their own list. It was judged on the beauty and shape of the model plus the level of production. Also it was not in any particular order, so model in tenth place could have easily been in first. The full 10 minute video was deleted from Vimeo so I will have to give you the instagram version.

10 Ralen Watts
09 Killer Ass Bree
08 Aidan Nycole
07 Erica Mena
06 Dolly Castro
05 Mercedes Edison
04 Ana Montana
03 Miss Petza K
02 Anastasiya Kvitko
01 Ayisha Diaz

It’s been fun but this is the last Model 10 show. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have making the compilation

Special thanks to those that supported us, SHOW magazine, DiamondGirlClubInc and Wizsdailydose.

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