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Dancer – London

20th December 2014



Love hanging out with model and dancer London (IG: @cocollondon2014) because she loves moving her booty shake and loves it when I film her doing it. I’m dropping this clip but you have to go onto vimeo to see the raunchier version because I know youtube wont be able to handle it



It was like this: I went to see London at a friend’s house, saw the shorts she was wearing, commented that I bet she couldn’t booty shake in those tight jean shorts, she accepted my offer, took me to her friends bedroom and proved me wrong. End of story…. Love hanging out with London

In The Club


We caught stripper/dancer London, dropping it before the crowd came in, at a nightclub in the UK. Check out her youtube channel “London Dancer” to see more exclusives.

Also catch her on Instagram: @Coco_London2014

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