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Urban Model Awards 2010

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Shout Outs

18th March 20140 Comments

A glimpse at the models we encountered whilst we were filming the first ever Urban Model Awards in the US. The models were all amazing and gave us plenty of love since we flew in from the UK to see them.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Overview

18th February 20140 Comments

This video is a short homage to the first ever Urban Model Awards held in Washington DC. Organised by Jay Walker and TInmann from Dimepiece Magazine, they allowed us access into the US Urban glamour scene where we met the stunning array of talented young ladies who included Amazin Amie, Lola Monroe, Draya Michelle, Rosa Acosta and Marisa Elise amongst many more. Well worth the trip to the heart of the US capitol and we support promoting the models who don’t often get the exposure but are worthy of the accolades. To find out more, go to:

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Lola Monroe Performing on stage

18th January 20140 Comments

Lola Monroe otherwise known as the model Angel Lola Luv performs to an audience at the Urban Model Awards held in Washington DC. To find out more, go to

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Marisa Elise

18th January 20140 Comments

Meet one of the nominees for the Urban Model Awards Miss New Booty. The beautiful Marisa Elise came with Amazin Amie, Draya Michele and LA Brown and they brought the real glamour and prestige to the event. Obviously beautiful and charming, Butterfly Models wishes her all the best.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Portia Freno

18th January 20140 Comments

She has to be one of the prettiest, sexiest models that has ever ventured out of the UK shores and is currently tearing up the US. Portia Freno is a veteran to the Urban modelling industry and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to film her attendance at the first Urban Model Awards.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Dasani Banks

18th January 20140 Comments

When we went to Washington DC to cover the Urban Model Awards, we were hoping to see some famous models like Amazin Amie, Angel Lola Luv and Rosa Acosta to name but a few. However, we were also hoping to see some new talent and we were not disappointed with Dasani Banks. From Maryland and blessed with booty to give any of the established models a run for their money, Ms Banks was a pleasure and a treasure to encounter. Hoping to see more of her soon.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – 4Eva

18th January 20140 Comments

It was a brief encounter but we have our fingers crossed that she will come to the UK to share her heavenly vision. 4Eva seems to be a relative newcomer to the modeling industry but she is certainly here to stay. Hailing from New York, she came down to the Urban Model Awards to lend her support and we would love to see her featured in next years nominations.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Amazin Amie

18th January 20140 Comments

One of the biggest urban models in the game was also one of the sweetest and most humble ladies we encountered whilst filming the the first ever Urban Model Awards in Washington DC. Amazin Amie wore an outfit that showcased more dimensions than a sci-fi movie and looked more beautiful in the flesh than her pictures could illustrate. Was a pleasure to meet her and hope we can meet her on our next US trip.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Rosa Acosta

18th January 20140 Comments

One of the hottest models to come out of the Dominican Republic, Rosa Acosta has been a dominant force in the urban modelling industry. This was illustrated by her winning three trophies at the Urban Model Awards held in Washington DC. Due to her being in such high demand, she just managed to get to the tail end of the show, but not without giving us a couple of words on camera.

Urban Model Awards 2010 – Lola Monroe surprise

19th January 20100 Comments

It was a historic occasion – the first ever Urban Model Awards held in Washington DC on the 15th May 2010 and Butterfly Models travelled down to represent. Whilst we saw a lot of models both established and up n coming, no one got the buzz and attention like DC’s own, Angel Lola Luv. Expect more videos of this stunning Super-glam model soon, but this one features her accepting an award – but there’s a surprise awaiting her in the audience. To see more, go to and

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