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Models 2008-10

Shereece at Jumpoff 2010

12th February 20100 Comments

Miss Rue Ash Premiere Shoot

11th February 20100 Comments

She had one of the shortest stints as a model, but she was definitely someone that showed lots of promise. Miss Rue Ash’s photoshoots

Mizz Kayzee in Cream Catsuit

1st February 20100 Comments

Featuring the talented Mizz Kayzee as she dons a short cream cat suit at this photo shoot in Femelle Studios. She has been a strong supporter of the Butterfly movement and is a leading figure head of the urban glamour scene in the UK. Mizz Kayzee has already featured in various publications and websites and is gunning for bigger and better things 2010-2011. Look out for her in

Summerbunnies UK co-starring Lauren

4th January 20100 Comments

When the international urban glamour website,, came to the UK, he featured two ladies that were destined to be part of UK modelling scene. Natasha from Butterfly Models and Lauren aka Veronica Valentine shot together at the top UK photo venue, Femelle Studios, in a scene that will have you standing to attention. A classic case where swimwear and lingerie combine. To see and find out more, go to

Rozina – Oriental Butterfly

4th January 20100 Comments

The Far East is the theme in Rozina Zira’s photo shoot at Femelle Studios. Sporting a colourful outfit and little else, Rozina kept to theme as much as she could and with great effect. You can see this video was too explicit for youtube since they cannot handle a woman of Rozina’s statistics.

Kirstie Narni in 70’s Shoot

4th January 20100 Comments

The beautiful Kirstie, a lead dancer for the famous Narni Shakers, is also one of the leading characters for Butterfly Models. You can always rely on her to come up with a different concept when it comes to photo shoots and on this one she didn’t disappoint. Inspired by 70s icon Pam Grier, donning the afro wig and shorts, Kirstie took us on a memorable trip to an era of Donna Summer and sexy disco.

Miss Rue Ash for

11th November 20090 Comments

Showcasing not only our latest recruit, Miss Rue Ash, but also our relationship with one of the leading urban US model websites, Miss Rue Ash is set to take the UK urban model industry on and we are happy to champion her cause. gives a gateway for the models throughout the world to display their pictures and videos and we are happy to be part of the movement. Combined, it’s the progression of urban model glamour that is now become international. Keep watching to see the best that the US and the UK has to offer.

Rozina on skates

12th July 20090 Comments

Filmed at the famous Femelle Photographic Studios, we followed one of our favourite models, Rozina, as she embarked on a roller skating shoot. We didn’t include the bloopers of her falling down, but it was a fun shoot to attend, helmed by the brilliant Kosher. She is now off to the States to find fame and fortune with and this video illustrates why.

Boss Lady and UKSBlackRose

15th June 20090 Comments

If you don’t know, we filmed Nickita Martin and Melody aka Boss Lady at an event called Rip The Runway with Stush Fashions. Here’s a sample of the backstage chat with the two buxom beauties before they appeared on stage.

Shereece The Latest Addition

12th February 20090 Comments

We were fighting some interested parties, but we finally got Shereece onboard the Butterfly Models camp. Once you see her, you’ll see why we wanted her to join us. Her body shape is amazing and she’s is so humble that her personality is almost angelic but she does have a naughty grin. She’s been in Candymaguk, the Industry magazine and Summerbunnies website.

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