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Models 2015

CEO Sassy of xXxShowstoppers interview

3rd December 20150 Comments

Whilst in London, we met up the international adult entertainer and performer CEO Sassy from the xXxShowstoppers. She broke it down to us about her life in the industry as a dancer, her interaction with the fans and how she became part of the memorable ShowStoppers.

For more information, go to:
Instagram: CEO_Sassy

Club footage taken from JUST SHOOT IT VISUALS
Interview filmed and edited by @TJVidz of @Butterflymodels

Tammy Love is in love with Coco

30th August 20150 Comments

Whilst Tammy Love was in london, we were talking and she said how nice it is for models to show love for one another than hate. So I asked her, is there one model whom she sees as her role model. Without thinking, she mentions Coco, the celebrity model.

Twitter: @TammyLoveTezao
Instagram: @T_L_O_V_E

Twitter: @Cocosworld
Instagram: @Coco

F4M Model – Kharris

28th August 20150 Comments

Whilst American photographer @LegendaryMQ was in London, he joined forces with one of the biggest and best modelling agencies, the triple award winning Face 4 Music models. They helped him bring some models together for a photo shoot. One model who turned up unexpectedly and we immediately put in front of the lens was the stunning Kharris Macey. Words cannot describe adequately how beautiful she is. Judge for yourself…

Model: @IKharrisMacey
Photographer: @LegendaryMQ
Videography: @TJVidz

Thank You

4th January 20150 Comments

My first upload for 2015 and I just wanted to show love and thanks to all the models who have taken part in allowing me to push and promote them since we started. Many people confuse us with being an agency but we are just fans of the curvaceous female form and use Butterflymodels as an outlet to express our support.
From our website being hacked to my brother passing away, 2014 has been a trying year but we are still here to showcase beautiful women who are shunned by the mainstream press due to being too curvy. Even youtube cannot handle the sight of a voluptuous woman and that’s why we seek sanctuary with Vimeo. Expect more, coming soon…

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