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BFM – AmazingraceX

AmazinGraceX – AfromodelAwards Best Behind Award 2014

27th January 20150 Comments

At the Afro model Awards held at the Crown Moran Hotel (London, UK) on 25th May 2014, UK model Amazing Grace (Twitter: @Amazingracex) was nominated alongside the favourite Blac Chyna for the Best Behind category.

AmazingraceX – RDX Concert 2013

27th January 20150 Comments

Was a pleasure to see the famous dancehall duo RDX perform in South London and it was a pleasure to see Butterflymodel Amazin Grace X (@Amazingracex) wear this green dress.

AmazingraceX – Icandy Icon 2011

27th January 20150 Comments

Icandy-Online is an online magazine, except, now everything desirable is just one click away. This new online portal’s sole purpose is to provide candy to the eye — in the form of girls, games and gadgets — day in, day out. The website has the hottest selection of top models and glamour girls, in the UK, and around the world along with fancy cars, must have gadgets, bachelor pads, advice on looking sharp and reviews of the latest games.

AmazingraceX Preview

27th January 20150 Comments

Here is a sneak peak of Amazin Grace, the latest addition to the Butterfly Models Camp. Look out for more of her for 2010.

AmazinGraceX – One Mic Event October 2011

27th January 20150 Comments

AmazinGraceX AfroBeats photo shoot preview

27th January 20150 Comments

She has one of the best urban bodies in the UK, Amazin Grace always makes a man want to sing when she walks by. Accompanied by some Afrobeats and high heels, it’s just a sample of what she brings to the table. Shot at LSS studios in South London, this is just a small preview of the main event which you can see on her youtube channel, Amazingracex, so don’t get mad at me if you want to see more. Photography by Fine Honeys Mag.

Twitter: @amazingracex

AmazinGraceX at the UK’s Afro Model Awards 2013

27th January 20150 Comments

We featured US model Sultry Simone and now for some home grown talent. She was a contender for the Best Behind at the Afro Model Awards and wearing a leopard print catsuit, it was clear to see why. I couldn’t stop filming her and I’m sure you can understand why.

AmazinGraceX – Miss British Beauty Curve 2012

27th January 20150 Comments

The Kitchen Portrait with AmazingraceX

20th June 20140 Comments

We went to meet African-o-phile and pro-am photographer Stephen Budd who has been shooting portraits for a book to be published in 2015, the proceeds going to an African based children’s charity.

The idea is based on the work of the famous veteran Malian photographer…é who famously used the same backdrop to many of his portraits.

Stephen visited Sidibé’s studio in Bamako, the capital of Mali, and has trans-located his ideas to his own space, for “The Kitchen Portraits”.

Work in progress can be viewed here;…

Shoots will run throughout 2014/15. Contact for details.

Dog City – Behind the scenes

23rd May 20130 Comments

The UK Dream and Amazin Grace were taking a break from filming on the set of the new urban drama, Dog City (Dog City — a full-length feature film, filmed guerrilla style, during the London riots in 2011 with a group of young actors and members of the local Black community), so they decided to have a brief discussion about bottoms not being able to fit them properly. Since actions speak louder than words, they had to show you how having big asses limits he types of clothes they wear. A problem for them, but a pleasure for us to see.

Go to to find out more about the film

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