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BFM – Shereece

Shereece in Goddess Of The Sun

10th July 20160 Comments

Fan favourite and my secret crush, UK model Shereece, features in this video wearing a beautiful, colourful, pastoral dress as I simply filmed her posing on the balcony in an apartment near Canary Wharf, London. Being blessed with a divine physique, she showed us the curves and stretched the fabric to give us a look at why I love filming her.

Music featured: ℣ENICE – dont look in the mirror

Instagram: @I_Am_Shereece

Filmed in conjunction with @Blackstarrnights and @DiamondGirlClubInc

Shereece in Phone Down

9th May 20160 Comments

I recently met the beautiful and curvy UK model and dancer Shereece and we decided to shoot some videos together. This was based around the Erykah Badu track “Phone Down” because Shereece has the power to get your attention, especially when she’s wearing this type of outfit. I saw her one day in knee high boots and put a request in if she could wear a similar outfit. You can see the results for yourself in this video.

instagram: @I_am_Shereece

Filmed by @TJVidz for @Butterflymodels

Shereece – #thestruggle

22nd April 20160 Comments

Documenting the issues some models we’ve met on our travels have in putting on trousers when they have a big posterior.

Big booty model and dancer Shereece gives us an example why it takes so long to get dressed. She invited us to see that it isn’t easy looking good. Check out #TheStruggle

If you had a similar experience, we are looking for more evidence. Contact us via

Model instagram: @I_Am_Shereece

Music featured: Three 6 Mafia – Who Want Sum Conflict [Original Version Instrumental]

Shereece in Flat 11

12th February 20150 Comments

Flat 11 is part of a trilogy featuring other models I’ve worked with, but I had to make Shereece my first release. Although no longer modelling, she is still one of the finest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I always state that I have a secret crush on her. I’m convinced if she was in the US, she would have blown up every front cover and it’s a crime she hasn’t claimed dominance in the UK, but nevertheless, for those that feel I’m hyping here too much, just watch this video. Got mad love for her since she’s a real sweetheart and I hope that although she’s hung up her modelling shoes, I can still work with her again.

Instagram: @I_am_Shereece
Twitter: @Shereece_Arnold

I don’t own the rights to the music featured

Shereece goes sexy for Hustlebunny

12th February 20150 Comments

Shereece made both the photographer Wyn (Twitter: @_wyn_) and myself take a huge gasp when she stepped on the set wearing this outfit. With the big US urban glamour site, Hustlebunny ( in mind since their tag is the “perfect blend of sexy”, this strapping ensemble made all the curves pop in every pose she made. Got more videos of Shereece coming your way since she is a much valued model within the Butterflymodels team.

Shereece in Hurt

12th February 20150 Comments

Retired model Shereece showing why she is such a visual delight and a pleasure to work with. She was part of the Butterfly Models camp and I hope you can see why from this video that we shot at Femelle Studios. I’ve always seen her as shy and sweet but this photo shoot spun me around and I saw a sexy, confident woman who can take on the world. Body shape is amazing, beautiful to speak to and it’s easy for a teenager to an old man like me to be smitten with her.

Shereece in Purple

12th February 20150 Comments

Femelle Studios photo shoot

Shereece in 60 seconds

12th February 20150 Comments

She retired from modeling this year, but she’s still one of the finest to step in front of my lens. Shereece has been featured in magazines, websites, music videos and is a gem in the UK urban industry and an equal pleasure to work with. Wishing her all the best and I still have some quality videos of her to drop this year. These 60 seconds just highlights how fine she is and how much I feel she’s been underrated as a model.

Photography by Wyn, music by Gravekeeper Productions called Toxic Room.

The Red Shoot

12th February 20150 Comments

with noted photographer Simon Harvey

Shereece at Jumpoff 2010

12th February 20150 Comments

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