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BFM – Mizz Kayzee

Stush Clothing Launch 2015 – With Nancy Agnes aka Kayzee

23rd May 20150 Comments

On the 2nd May 2015, fashion designer Mark, CEO of Stush Clothing joined forces with IC Clothing in Croydon, London to release his new collection. We followed fitness model Nancy Agnes otherwise known as The Real Kayzee down to the clothing store as she was about to embark on wearing their designs.

We were joined by some more Stush models, DJ Hektik and photographer, Nargis Cross.

Twitter contacts
Stush Clothing: @StushClothing
Nancy Agnes: @therealKayzee
Photographer: @NargisCross
Videographer: @TJVidz

Music featured: Aywy X Ekali – Another Girl

Mizz Kayzee in Flat 11

1st February 20140 Comments

The final part to the Flat 11 trilogy with the stunning Mizz Kayzee (Twitter: @TheRealKayzee). Part of a photoshoot with @DJChefUK, we managed to make an atmospheric video since it was very cloudy and had the music from Jay (WE DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT)

Mizz Kayzee in Too Damn Sexy

4th January 20140 Comments

Behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot from Mizz Kayzee’s (@Mizzkayzee1) swimsuit shoot with FabPix Photography (@FabPixPhotog). Video was made for All American Dimes (

Dog City – Behind the scenes

23rd May 20130 Comments

The UK Dream and Amazin Grace were taking a break from filming on the set of the new urban drama, Dog City (Dog City — a full-length feature film, filmed guerrilla style, during the London riots in 2011 with a group of young actors and members of the local Black community), so they decided to have a brief discussion about bottoms not being able to fit them properly. Since actions speak louder than words, they had to show you how having big asses limits he types of clothes they wear. A problem for them, but a pleasure for us to see.

Go to to find out more about the film

Mizz Kayzee – Flirtease shoot

1st February 20130 Comments

Mizz Kayzee in Applebottoms

1st February 20130 Comments

This is a tribute, showing love to Nelly and the Applebottoms brand for services they continue to do for curvaceous women everywhere. From jeans to accessories, swimsuits to fragrances, slim to thick – there’s something for everyone and these are the reasons why Applebottoms are the pioneers for urban female clothing. For this reason alone, we had to show some love, courtesy of Butterfly Model Mizz Kayzee. Check out their latest products via

Mizz Kayzee in Soccer Shoot

1st February 20130 Comments

Is It Manchester United/City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal? None of those? What football team in the UK do you support? That’s the question Mizz Kayzee (Twitter:@mizzkayzee1) is asking in this shoot. Shot by rising star photographer Wyn in a lounge studio, Mizz Kayzee donned a very sexy England football kit to keep things neutral. For more information about Wyn go to website: and or check out his twitter: @_WYN_

Playing with nothing but a soccer ball you can see why Mizz Kayzee’s images are currently on several websites especially All American Dimes (

Mizz Kayzee in Rap Game

1st February 20130 Comments

Mizz Kayzee in a recording studio in East London being shot by the photographer Wyn. The light was kept at a minimum to give it a moody ambience but I hope you manage to enjoy.Music featured is by Young Jeezy called Rap Game hence the name of the video. However, expect more from Mizz Kayzee in the near future…

Mizz Kayzee in 60 seconds

1st February 20130 Comments

Footage of the photoshoot with the busty Mizz Kayzee as she wears this lace catsuit at the FabPix Photo shoot.

Mizz Kayzee – Music video bts

1st February 20130 Comments

Mizz Kayzee is leaving the model world behind and embarking on a musical career, but she can’t help looking sexy as this short behind the scenes shows.

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