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BFM – Rozina Zira

Knique and Rozina – behind the scenes

16th February 20150 Comments

At Femelle Studios, this is a brief interlude that I decided to record with two ladies blessed with booty – Knique and Rozina – urban glamour models from Butterfly – doing a photo shoot with the well-known Kosher. Footage of their shoot will be available on our website soon – but meanwhile, this is what you can expect. The UK showcasing we have curves on this side of the pond.

I am Legend – I am Rozina

12th February 20150 Comments

She’s won beauty pageants, been in UK and US urban glamour magazines, she’s been featured on TV, presented at big award shows, developed websites and is now donning a camera to go behind the scenes. Is there nothing stopping this woman? Well, just to serve as a reminder of why she’s Butterfly Models 1st lady (she was the first model we brought into the camp), here’s a shoot taken by Kosher from Femelle Studios, to silence the critics and show why beauty comes in all shapes, shades and sizes. Check out the full length video on her website

Is She Your Type?

4th January 20150 Comments

Sporting a red and black lingerie outfit, Rozina, our original Butterfly Model is back. Jaw-dropping with a booty that doesn’t seem to know when to quit, she is more than just a beauty with a booty – becoming over the past years a valued and treasured member of the Butterfly Model team. She is the answer to the question if the UK has the same type of curvy models that comes out of the US and this video proves it.

Oriental Butterfly

4th January 20150 Comments

The Far East is the theme in Rozina Zira’s photo shoot at Femelle Studios. Sporting a colourful outfit and little else, Rozina kept to theme as much as she could and with great effect. You can see this video was too explicit for youtube since they cannot handle a woman of Rozina’s statistics.

I Am Rozina 2

12th February 20140 Comments

Rozina takng part in a photo shoot at Femelle Studios with the famous photographer, Kosher and model Miss Platinum.

Rozina on skates

12th February 20140 Comments

Filmed at the famous Femelle Photographic Studios, we followed one of our favourite models, Rozina, as she embarked on a roller skating shoot. We didn’t include the bloopers of her falling down, but it was a fun shoot to attend, helmed by the brilliant Kosher. She is now off to the States to find fame and fortune with and this video illustrates why.

Return of Rozina

12th February 20140 Comments

She’s back. It’s been a while but we had the pleasure of Rozina back in front of our cameras. Looking sexier than ever, she decided to push the envelope by wearing an outfit that could make priests dribble. Enjoy….

Rozina and Knique in Wait

12th February 20140 Comments

Featuring two of the Butterfly 8 models from the UK, Rozina and Knique. At the famous Femelle Studios and being shot by Kosher, this is a rare shoot featuring two of the biggest in the UK urban glamour business. Doing a sexy bedroom scene and sucking on sweets, reading magazines and in a variety of poses, this is UK urban glam at its best. Music featuring by the Ying Yang Twins – Wait remix. Look out for more of Rozina at her website,

Dog City – Behind the scenes

23rd May 20130 Comments

The UK Dream and Amazin Grace were taking a break from filming on the set of the new urban drama, Dog City (Dog City — a full-length feature film, filmed guerrilla style, during the London riots in 2011 with a group of young actors and members of the local Black community), so they decided to have a brief discussion about bottoms not being able to fit them properly. Since actions speak louder than words, they had to show you how having big asses limits he types of clothes they wear. A problem for them, but a pleasure for us to see.

Go to to find out more about the film

Zoya Kandi Advert

23rd May 20130 Comments

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