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BFM – Vanessa Bee

Vanessa Bee’s Top 5 Twerkers

10th August 20150 Comments

Twerk Tease’s Top 5 Dancers is selected this time by UK model Vanessa Bee (instagram/twitter: @VeeBeesWorld)

Her choice is:

00:53 @Mz_Berry_
01:36 @IamTyger
02:15 @IamWankaego
02:48 @TwerkTeamCo
03:32 @KKMonroe

Who’s yours? Let us know below

Vanessa Bee in sixty seconds – Washington DC

15th February 20150 Comments

A sample of why Vanessa Bee is one of the sexiest and most blessed ladies in the UK. Shot on location, Washington DC with noted photographer Shawn Darnell (Twitter: @MrShawn_Darnell).

Vanessa Bee gets militant (Go Pro Cam style)

15th February 20150 Comments

Vanessa Bee in Black and White

15th February 20150 Comments

Vanessa Bee has always had an eye for creativity and this one was a beautiful idea. Comparing a tight black dress as she looks in the mirror to a white lingerie outfit in the bathroom, it shows what she calls “The Twins” in their glory. No matter what she wears, she still looks mouth-watering and it was a pleasure to film her. There’s more to come but I hope you enjoy.

Vanessa Bee is Wowzers

15th February 20150 Comments

We put up a video before of Vanessa Bee fully clothed and it got loads of attention but the haters decided to report the footage and youtube subsequently kicked it out. This is the second part, but this is more of a social experiment that has some scientific value which we are hoping will not offend the puritan posse. Considering we have looked at other videos with topless and fully naked women and haven’t seen them as a threat on youtube, we are hoping that the sight of Vanessa Bee in a bikini will not evoke a public outcry. You be the judge and I hope you will only think of one thing – WOWZERS…

Vanessa Bee In The Hood

15th February 20150 Comments

Vanessa Bee dropped the gangsta on us in the studio and made all the guys reach for their guns. Ok, I’m being naughty, but there’s no denying that she is beautiful, hypnotic and ravishing with that bad girl element added to the mix. With a legendary cleavage, she is more likely to inspire men to have hood thoughts but her smile and her look leaves you always wanting more. If you have fallen for her, go to

Vanessa Bee goes glam

15th February 20150 Comments

Vanessa Bee’s second video outing in this Black Lingerie video shoot. Shot back in 2009 at Femelle Studios

Vanessa Bee Fyne Girlz Men Magazine Shoot

15th February 20150 Comments

Vanessa Bee was in Washington DC last year (2012) and took part in a photo shoot with triple nominated from the Urban model Awards for Best photographer of the year, Mr Shawn Darnell. She has one of the best chests the UK has to offer in the urban model world and this is evident in the outfit she chose to wear.

Twitter: @Veebeesworld – Model
Twitter: @MrShawn_Darnell – Photographer
Twitter: @TJVidz – Videographer

Vanessa Bee in The Hit

15th February 20150 Comments

This short film is a tribute to legendary director Russ Meyer who made such classics as “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”, “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” and “Vixen”. He created a series of sexploitation movies during the sixties and seventies and his trademark was featuring large-breasted women in pivotal main roles. Who else could I get to take part in this tribute other than the beautiful and blessed Vanessa Bee. FIlmed on location, we also got a male lead who many of you might recognize from our facebook and twitter conversations as Captain Caramel playing the Caramel Assassin. Hope to do a Quentin Tarantino-style follow-up soon, so watch this space.

Do you fancy Vanessa Bee?

15th February 20150 Comments

When I first met Vanessa Bee, she was sitting on a stool wearing a tracksuit and she still blew my mind away. The sight of her wearing an animal print lingerie outfit later on that day just confirmed her entry into Butterfly Models. The fact that she is serious about her work, has the tools to help her craft and she’s so charming with it makes her an immediate favourite with many of our fans. With over six videos waiting to be uploaded and filming already planned for 2011, expect to see much more of Vanessa Bee.

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