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BFM – Kirstie Narni

Kirstie Narni – Cockiness over Black Mens Magazine

1st February 20130 Comments

Whilst at a recent photoshoot with Kirstie Narni (@kirstienarni), photographer FabsPix (@Fabspixphotog) purchased the latest edition of Black Men’s magazine, Ink Candy edition. As soon as Kirstie saw the front cover, with Wankaego and Blac Chyna. she was immediately drawn and we all decided to take a break so Kirstie could skim through the magazine.

The July 2012 edition had some great talent within their pages that I had to purchase a copy straight after the shoot. Make sure you follow @blackmeneditor on twitter to find out more

Kirstie Narni – Do You Swing?

1st February 20130 Comments

It’s Kirstie Narni in this very sporty outfit for her second photoshoot with Butterflymodels back in 2010.

Kirstie Narni – Naughty at school

1st February 20130 Comments

Kirstie Narni – TrendychickClothing Advert

1st February 20120 Comments

Kirstie Narni – bts Boob Clash

1st February 20120 Comments

Charlotte and Kirstie from the Narni Shakers have a casting for new dancers at Club Aura
13th November 2012

Kirstie Narni – Narni Shakers Calendar Launch Party

1st February 20120 Comments

Kirstie Narni – Candy Shop

1st February 20090 Comments

Kirstie from the Narni Shakers, came down to Femelle Studios back in 2008 to take part in her first shoot that showed she was a Butterfly Model from the jump. Sporting nothing but candy and a sweet body that could make a man turn diabetic overnight, Kirstie made a huge impression.

Kirstie Narni – Femelle Photo Shoot

1st February 20080 Comments

This young lady is part of the infamous dance group, the Narni Shakers. I met her at a Stush fashion event where she was performing and thought she would be great on a Femelle/Butterfly photo shoot. When she turned up, not only she was 100% professional, but she had an amazing physique and a great sense of humour. In short, it was a great day at the office.

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