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BFM – Kirstie Narni

We poppin

4th January 20150 Comments

Currently featured in the Dulce Girls Glamour Edition #4 Magazine, our @KirstieNarni has graced their pages in this blue lingerie shoot. Pictures taken by the great @Fabpixphotog, we like always, had fun on the set with Kirstie who is a Butterfly treasure. Once again, she brought the heat, so there was no way I was going to upload onto youtube for the hatervilles to report it and take it off.
PS. I love it when she grabs her boobs, lol

Chains Photo shoot

4th January 20150 Comments

Butterflymodel Kirstie Narni features in Touch Magazine, so we just had to make a video of Fabpix chains photo shoot. The sexy Narni Shaker ( left little to the imagination yet used the chains very strategically to ensure nothing was showing that shouldn’t be for public consumption. Make sure you follow her via twitter @KirstieNarni
Photographer: @Fabpixphotog
Magazine: @Gettouchmag
Videographer: @TJVidz
Website: @Butterflymodels


4th January 20150 Comments

Behind the scene video of the photo shoot at FabPix Studio of Butterflymodel Kirstie Narni.

Narni makes her dance

4th January 20150 Comments

Kirstie Narni is not only one of the original Butterflymodels but she is also one of the main dancers for the leading UK Dance crew, The Narni Shakers. Here, I got to showcase what she does ohhh so well, shake ass on camera. For anyone that has had the privilege of seeing her live and up close, you know that you can’t keep your eyes away.
Model Twitter: @KirstieNarni
Videographer Twitter: @TJVidz
Dance Group Twitter: @NarniShakers
Butterfly Twitter: @Butterflymodels

70’s Shoot

4th January 20150 Comments

The beautiful Kirstie, a lead dancer for the famous Narni Shakers, is also one of the leading characters for Butterfly Models. You can always rely on her to come up with a different concept when it comes to photo shoots and on this one she didn’t disappoint. Inspired by 70s icon Pam Grier, donning the afro wig and shorts, Kirstie took us on a memorable trip to an era of Donna Summer and sexy disco.

Kirstie Narni in XXXmas Wish

1st February 20140 Comments

On behalf of all of us from Butterflymodels, we wish you a Happy Festive Season

Kirstie Narni – Red Shoot

1st February 20130 Comments

Red Shoot with noted photographer Simon Harvey

Kirstie Narni – Casting for Narni Shakers

1st February 20130 Comments

Kirstie Narni – Boob Clash

1st February 20130 Comments

I had the pleasure of following Kirstie Narni to HIt Zol’s event, Boob Clash, in a very nice venue in Harrow of all places. As we entered and chilled out upstairs in the nice restuarant area, Kirstie and fellow Narni shaker, Barbie had a very nice and entertaining discussion about Boobs. Unfortunately, I was trying out a new camera and forgot to bring a microphone with me, so apologies for the sound.

Whilst that was taking place, we had a stalker that seemed to be obsessed with Kirstie’s cleavage and maxed out his phone memory be taking pictures at every opportunity. As the night went on, we were joined by the beautiful DJ Charlotte Devaney who spun the decks as the ladies performed various dances, much to the delight of the crowd. To see more of the Narni Shakers, go to

Kirstie Narni – Boob Clash preview

1st February 20130 Comments

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