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Events 2011-13

Dog City – Behind the scenes

23rd May 20130 Comments

The UK Dream and Amazin Grace were taking a break from filming on the set of the new urban drama, Dog City (Dog City — a full-length feature film, filmed guerrilla style, during the London riots in 2011 with a group of young actors and members of the local Black community), so they decided to have a brief discussion about bottoms not being able to fit them properly. Since actions speak louder than words, they had to show you how having big asses limits he types of clothes they wear. A problem for them, but a pleasure for us to see.

Go to to find out more about the film

Zoya Kandi Advert

23rd May 20130 Comments

SHOW magazine in the UK – Black Lingerie Preview

21st May 2013

Show Magazine will be coming to London between the 26th-28th May and they are looking for the next batch of hotties to fill their publication pages and website.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Show Girl, make sure you email for more details. It’s £300 for two looks, which might seem a lot, but when you calculate that it would cost you over a £1000 to shoot in LA, this is a great bargain. Let them know Butterflymodels sent you….

Show Magazine joined forces with one of the UK’s top casting agencies, Face4Music, when they came to London recently. Models Chenai Rochelle and Chanelle Roundi are featured in a special edition of Show Magazine.

Boob Clash preview with Kirstie Narni

1st December 20120 Comments

I had the pleasure of following Kirstie Narni to Hit Zol’s event, Boob Clash, in a very nice venue in Harrow of all places. As we entered and chilled out upstairs in the nice restuarant area, Kirstie and fellow Narni shaker, Barbie had a very nice and entertaining discussion about Boobs. Unfortunately, I was trying out a new camera and forgot to bring a microphone with me, so apologies for the sound. Whilst that was taking place, we had a stalker that seemed to be obsessed with Kirstie’s cleavage and maxed out his phone memory be taking pictures at every opportunity. As the night went on, we were joined by the beautiful DJ Charlotte Devaney who spun the decks as the ladies performed various dances, much to the delight of the crowd.


Casting for Narni Shakers with Kirstie Narni

1st November 20120 Comments

Sultry Simone in Germany

21st August 2012

It was something rarely done, but a model like Sultry Simone doesn’t come to Europe often to perform, so Butterflymodels had to be there. Travelling with photographer DJChef, we went to Kaiserslautern, a nice town in Germany with friendly folks. Some American soldiers were stationed there and they apreciated what was about to go down. Sultry Simone appeared in these cut up leggings and tore the place up. Even the women were drooling, lol.

TrendychickClothing Advert – Kirstie Narni

1st July 20120 Comments

Flirtease Bar LSS Shoot with Mizz Kayzee

4th January 20120 Comments

The boobilicious Mizz Kayzee at her second London Speedlite Scene shoot, this time at the Flirtease Bar in North Wembley. Wearing a variety of outfits that was challenging gravity, Mizz Kayzee represented well for Butterfly Models. To take part in future events for London Speedlite Scene, go to their website,



Noni Zondi – The African Nicki Minaj

21st November 2011

She is beautiful, she has an hour-glass figure that only cartoons can match, she is confident, she is very sexy and she can rap. Meet Noni Zondi, the South African beauty currently residing in the UK but about to take over the world with her latest single “Come Get It”. Butterfly Model Amazin Grace took the opportunity to interview her at Club Nylon in London’s West End for Zondi’s video launch party. Check the video and see why she’s more than a pretty face with a magical waist – she is charming, intelligent and about to prove to the world, musically gifted. Noni Zondi is someone to look out for.

UK Dream Launch Party

13th October 20110 Comments

On the 29th September 2011, UK Dream from Butterfly Models, will be launching her website and hosting her premier party. Held at the Club Avalon in Central London, models, promoters, adult stars and fans will be mixing and mingling to herald the dawn of one of the UK’s hottest Urban glamour models. Supported by the cast of the Butterfly Models which includes Chantal, Amazing Grace, Vicky Vixxen, Mizz Kayzee, Vanessa Bee, Natasha and more, it’s an event that will make you be upset if you missed. To make sure you are on the guestlist, email us at: Don’t miss it or you’ll miss the surprises we have in store.

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