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Events 2011-13

The Struggle

18th April 20150 Comments

Featuring a problem dancer Coco London has to go through many times because she has a slim waist and a big booty. Went round to her place the other day whilst she was getting ready to go out and she showed me the “struggle” – putting on a pair of jeans when you have a phat ass.

Instagram: @CocoLlondon

Arabelle Modeling parties with… Vanessa Bee

15th February 20150 Comments

Arthur, CEO of Arabelle Modeling, has a love affair with the UK. He recently came down with model Sultry Simone who was hosting the Afro Model Awards. We caught up with him partying with one of the hottest urban glamour models in the UK, Vanessa Bee, in a club in Central London, courtesy of DJ Chef and DJ Longers called Stylish Nights.

Arthur: @ArabelleMllc
Model: @VeeBeesWorld
DJ Chef: @DJChefUK
DJ Longers: @DJLongers

International Music Conference 2012 with Chantal

27th January 20150 Comments

AmazingraceX – RDX Concert 2013

27th January 20150 Comments

Was a pleasure to see the famous dancehall duo RDX perform in South London and it was a pleasure to see Butterflymodel Amazin Grace X (@Amazingracex) wear this green dress.

AmazingraceX – Icandy Icon 2011

27th January 20150 Comments

Icandy-Online is an online magazine, except, now everything desirable is just one click away. This new online portal’s sole purpose is to provide candy to the eye — in the form of girls, games and gadgets — day in, day out. The website has the hottest selection of top models and glamour girls, in the UK, and around the world along with fancy cars, must have gadgets, bachelor pads, advice on looking sharp and reviews of the latest games.

AmazinGraceX – One Mic Event October 2011

27th January 20150 Comments

AmazinGraceX at the UK’s Afro Model Awards 2013

27th January 20150 Comments

We featured US model Sultry Simone and now for some home grown talent. She was a contender for the Best Behind at the Afro Model Awards and wearing a leopard print catsuit, it was clear to see why. I couldn’t stop filming her and I’m sure you can understand why.

AmazinGraceX – Miss British Beauty Curve 2012

27th January 20150 Comments

Carnival Sunday 2013 with Release D Riddim

4th January 20150 Comments

Filmed on Carnival Sunday, following one of the best and most fun carnival floats on the road, Release D Riddim. Special thanks to Steven Mensah for allowing a dancer and myself to tag along, perform and film. Really had so much fun and everyone was really nice, happy and ready to wuk wuk wuk up.
If the sight of people dancing, having fun, shaking booty, grinding and wining, smiling, looking sexy and causing no drama offends you, please look away now. I mention this because obviously youtube found it too hot to handle and banned it from their site. I dare you to view this video and tell me where you find anything offensive or sexually vile that it needed to be removed.

RDX London Concert

4th January 20150 Comments

On 17th of November 2013, one of the most charismatic and popular Dancehall/Reggae duo, RDX, performed in a live concert in The Coronet, Elephant and Castle London.
This will be the first ever musical performance by RDX anywhere in the UK, since RDX members deejay Renegade (Carlton Williams) and Singer Delomar (Andre Bedward) exploded into fame as a musical duo.
The concert has been tagged “RDX LONDON INVASION CONCERT” by the promoters. According to the promoters’ spokesman, he said that “this will be the hottest and most entertaining dancehall/Reggae concert in town, as RDX have never visited the United Kingdom as a musical group before.”
See for yourself in this footage captured by @TJVidz for @Butterflymodels

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