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Featured Vine video

Featured Vine Video

18th January 20151 Comment



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Featured video

Afro Model Awards 2015 – Best Behind Award

30th May 20150 Comments

Afro Model Awards is an annual awards ceremony that rewards and recognises the contributions of individuals and organisations, both of African Caribbean and non African Caribbean origins, towards the growth, development and empowerment of; Fashion, Modelling, Creativity and Personality.

In 2015, we attended the event to see who would be crowned “Best Behind” and the winner was the Ugandan beauty, Julie Kaka aka Kakaliscious. See her collect her award in a dress that showcases why she’s been crowned “Best Behind”.

TO find out more about Julie, go to:

Twitter: @kakaliscious
Instagram: @MissJKaka

To find out more about the event, go to:

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SHOW magazine

Allie Verseau – SHOW magazine

19th June 20150 Comments

Behind the scenes footage of SHOW magazine (@Showmagazine) photoshoot with Texan model Allie Verseau (@allieverseau).

Check her out on the website:

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UK Dream is Officer Frisk

13th February 20150 Comments

I can’t think of another UK model that would have the nerve to do this. One of the most voluptuous models ever to come from Blighty, UK Dream has a booty that won’t quit, with hips and thighs to match. So when she decided to wear this outfit that left little to the imagination and take to the Miami streets, I did fear some accidents might occur. Thankfully, she received a lot of love form the locals and we had the nearby beach as our alibi if anyone asked. Check for yourself because this is where we coined the phrase “anything goes in Miami”.

To see the photoshoot with US photogrpaher Shawn Darnell in this outfit, go to

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